Cameras provide an excellent visual deterrent ensuring that threats are substantially reduced.

CCTV Systems

Cameras provide an excellent visual deterrent ensuring that threats against individuals and property are substantially reduced.  UST can design and install systems from single to multi-camera systems and from single to multi-site solutions.
UST has 15+ years experience in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV security systems from basic video surveillance systems for domestic and small business to large complex multi site projects

Using the latest in CCTV security technology, Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV Systems, UST can deliver solutions that are at the cutting edge of CCTV technology, offering video surveillance solutions that are tailor made to meet our customer’s requirements, ensuring that the system provides effective safety and security.

  • Digital CCTV System (Entry level system)
  • IP CCTV Systems (High Definition Network based System)
  • Remotely Monitored System- (surveillance systems which automatically trigger alerts to 24 Hour Monitoring Station, based on motion detection by Movement Detectors/Analytics)
  • IP CCTV Sample

Domestic CCTV IP Security System

Offer From €1,099.00

Domestic IP CCTV Kit consisting of:

  • 1 No. 4 Camera (NVR) Network Video Recorder with 1TB Hard Drive
  • 2 No. 1.3MP External Dome Camera with Infra-Red and 4mm Lens
  • 1 No. HD Flat Screen Monitor
  • CCTV Signs
  • Free Smartphone Applications (Broadband Required)
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty

Supply & Installation Cost

From Only €1,099.00

Flexible payment plans available for your convenience

For added peace of mind, talk to us about our maintenance contracts which cover servicing and replacement parts, giving you a lifetime warranty on your CCTV system.

Contact us for details of how you can protect your home using UST years of experience and the most up to date and reliable security technology

What is an IP CCTV System?

IP video cameras broadcast their video as a digital stream over an IP network. Like an analogue system, video is recorded on hard drives, but since the video is an IP stream straight from the camera, there is more flexibility as to how and where that video is recorded. The DVR is replaced with an NVR (network video recorder).

Why Choose an IP System?


One of the biggest factors driving interest in IP video systems is the high resolution that they can offer. Analogue cameras max out on resolution at about 580 TVL which equates to roughly 0.4 mega pixels. High end IP cameras on the other hand, are currently available at resolutions from 1.3 to above 5 mega pixels.